A curated collection featuring some of the finest black and white photographs by Armando Frezze Durand. Capturing the essence of those individuals who orbit around Armand, the series unfolds across the realms of his studio, home, holidays, and the cyclical return to the sanctuary of home.
The selection of the works was presented in Berlin on the Bauchhund Galerie, with a short film and the book Into the Black.

The exhibition in Berlin featured 14 black and white photographs, each measuring 70 x 50 cm, displayed in a completely dark room. Visitors could explore the works with flashlights, rediscovering them through the light. In the basement, a video installation narrated the dystopian journey of four friends to an abandoned beach.

All the exhibited photographs, along with previously unreleased ones, were compiled into a 55-page book titled INTO THE BLACK.

The boys of “Into the black” is a proof that a black background is enough to bring out the charm of the youthful body. And to introduce us to the voyeuristic universe of Armando Frezze Durand.

“The folks at Doopler Magazine also have some interesting books. This one, shot by Armando Frezze Durand, is a serene black and white study of the beautiful young men that surround Durand in his daily life” ADVOCATE