For this new series, Armando Frezze Durand uses as his starting point the Andean arcabuceros , in order to reinterpret the traditional works of angels with childish faces, and, supplant them with new warrior angels from the new millennium.

The style of the military archangels was developed during the Colonial Period in South America. The American viceroyalty finds special roots in the Peruvian soil, where it joins with the pre-Columbian traditions of winged and feathered warriors, who, the Church Christianizes in order to facilitate the religious conversion of new believers.

Armando Frezze Durand ingeniously intertwines traditional Andean imagery with intricately carved gold leaf frames, meticulously crafted in Peru in the European style. These frames not only pay homage to European artistic heritage but also serve as a poignant critique of cultural imposition and the blurred lines between authenticity and replication.

The Messengers:
Franco Spotti, Juan Cruz Leon, Nicolas Macia, Santiago Magariños, Exequiel Rial.

Director: Armando Frezze Durand
Camara: Federico Caram, Armando Frezze Durand
Editor: Armando Frezze Durand
DOP: Franco Dupoy
Production: Jose Vetter
Color grading: Federico Caram