In a tranquil corner of the backyard, the scene comes to life with a plaster figure, once static and forgotten, now the epicenter of an artistic odyssey. Inspired by the poem of Peter Menkin "All the Gods on the Front Lawn," an audiovisual essay merges the ordinary with the sacred, reimagining a plaster figure through the scanning of a male model, later rendered in three-dimensional space.

“The all-steel monster filling the end of the driveway against the sidewalk and white picket fence is adorned with gods, figures, wicked and mean creatures of plaster, and perhaps sculpted elves.

“All the Gods on the Front Lawn”

"All the Gods on the Front Lawn" emerges as a testament to the art's ability to elevate the everyday to the sublime. In this essay, the plaster figure stands as a symbol of our relentless quest for beauty and meaning in the world around us.
Model: Felipe Guinder.