Over the course of these years, the artist's photography has garnered widespread acclaim, finding its place in both national and international media outlets.

Through collaborations with diverse LGBTQ publications around the globe, their work has not only transcended geographical boundaries but has also contributed significantly to the broader discourse on identity, diversity, and inclusion.

“Armando Frezze Durand is an artist based in Buenos Aires. With these images begins a photographic essay on new urban messengers. Messengers who colonize from the networks new subjectivities, with new believers and new social codes.”

" The boys of “Into the black” is a proof that a black background is enough to bring out the charm of the youthful body. And to introduce us to the voyeuristic universe of Armando Frezze Durand”. ADVOCATE.

This journey of creative expression has become a powerful testament to the artist's impact and resonance within the global LGBTQ community and beyond