In this captivating artistic process, the creator forges a revealing connection between the concept of waste and love, immersing us in a sort of urban archaeology. Through this exploration, he unravels elements that were once pivotal in our daily lives: individuals, objects, and sensations that, over time, have been relegated to the status of daily discard.

“Discover depth in simplicity. The container embodies narratives of impermanence, where garbage transforms into metaphor. Enter a world where the overlooked reveals profound truths”

This project invites us to reflect on the transformation of our surroundings, turning what is discarded into a visually meaningful narrative.
The artwork becomes a poetic testament to the transience of relationships and experiences that once held a prominent place in our everyday lives. In his approach, art emerges as a powerful tool to rescue and breathe new life into these forgotten elements, offering a fresh and provocative perspective on the intersection between transience and permanence in our contemporary society.